All about #LoveInTheCity. Why this isn’t an event you want to miss out on. FAQ’s answered & more!!!

IMG_0301So I’m super excited to announce that we will be hosting our very first event!! I love sharing my thoughts with you guys but I knew there were so many things I wanted to do with this blog and venturing into events was one of them.

Love in the city is basically a dating night but with a twist. Primarily it is a singles night but will be filled with games, competitions and debates, just fun things overall, so the event is open to everyone. Even if you don’t find a potential I hope to create an environment where you can network and make friends too.

As some of you may or may not know I created a thread on twitter, for guys and girls to drop their best selfies in hopes of finding bae. A lot of people got involved on both sides and having speaking to some people, loads of people got DM’s and even a few secured dates. A few people suggested I do a speed dating event and initially I wasn’t convinced but after time I decided to give it a go and here we are.

We makes jokes about winter bae or cuffing season but I think no matter how much some of us may appear to “dislike” the opposite sex, deep down we crave companionship to some extent so I feel like Love in the city is a perfect opportunity for singles to come out and meet one another. Especially in time for Valentine’s Day.

The video that I released for the event was meant to depict what it is like on both sides, our prejudices or the “stereotypes” being…”men are trash” or “I’m still a baby boy”, whilst both sides are fed up with the opposite sex, we still know what we want and what we’re looking for and have thoughts of eventually finding that person. Upon both parties describing their ideal partner, which they both fit the description for, they then bumped into each other after filming. What happened next is for you to decide and If you come to the event you may find out.


I’ve had a bunch of questions about the event so I want to use this space to answer them.

What type of activities will take place on the night?

There’s going to be icebreakers, team tasks, roleplay, question and answer games, debates and more. There will be practical activities for you to take part in but because it will be a pretty big group you won’t be forced to take part in every single activity. The hosts will most likely ask for volunteers with particular activities, whilst other activities will be one on one. You will pushed out of your comfort zone but not to the point where you are completely uncomfortable or forced to do something you don’t want to. I recommend you come with an open mind and an attitude that’s willing to take part in activities so you make the most out of your night and your money?

Do I have to be single to attend?

This night is primarily aimed at singles however, you might have a single friend that wants to come but doesn’t want to come on her own. Besides the speed dating, all other activities are friendly to those in relationships. Also you might be a couple, that want to come down and take part in the fun too. All are welcome. The event is about fun and good vibes. So no you don’t have to be single to attend. This event is open to everyone, but we would love for people to be able to take part in every activity.

What am I getting for £25, is it really worth it?

If you missed the Earlybird/first few tickets, standard tickets are £25. That is inclusive of unlimited pizza, pasta and antipasti at a particular time during the night. You will also get 2 drinks (which includes either a soft drink, red wine, white wine or beer). Free entry to the event which of course is a night of fun and games. You’ll also get a goody bag at the end of the night and a chance to win prizes throughout the night. That’s a bargain if you ask me. Definitely worth every penny.

Is it a dress up event?

There will be an award for best dressed girl and guy on the night. Think about it like this, if you were going for an interview you would dress well because first impressions count. This is an event to meet new people and first impressions also count, so be comfortable but look good too, you never know who might have their eye on you.

Do I have to take part in the speed dating?

First of all, the speed dating isn’t going to take a format where it’s going to be a horrible or scary experience. There will be plenty of icebreakers and activities before to calm your nerves and make you feel comfortable in that environment with new people. There will be a list of fun and quirky questions in front of you and you’ll have between a minute or two with one person and when told you will move on to the next person. It’s going to be quick and snappy but the questions will be fun. You won’t be forced to do it but it would be great to have everyone involved.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to Dm me. I’ll be working hard over Christmas to ensure this is a great event for you all . Don’t miss out. Tickets are selling fast so don’t leave it till last minute before you get your ticket because no ticket no entry! Thank you to all showing support, spreading the word and those who have bought tickets already. Can’t wait to see you all on the 11th of January.

Here’s the link to get your tickets if you haven’t already: