Why does she keep saying that?

‘Why do you keep saying If I start to talk’ or ‘Please start to talk then’. Lol maybe these things have crossed your mind when you’ve constantly seen me tweet the phrase or heard me say it. Believe it or not this phrase has found its way into my everyday vocabulary. Crazy right? Now I’m sure many of you are wondering what it actually means, or what does it mean to me at least. Is it to be taken literally or is there a deeper meaning?

For me it all started, what seems like just yesterday. I was going through a weird period in my life. Singer Tiwa savage released a song called ‘If I start to talk’ around the same time she revealed to fans that her marriage was collapsing, as well other intimate details which took many by surprise. I already love her as an artist, but the level of transparency and rawness that came from revealing her personal issues drew me to the song even more. I found myself listening to the song at least twice a day, it resonated within me. I could relate to the lyrics on a spiritual level.
The song emphasises the fact that God never changes. It talks about life challenges, failures, trials, disappointments and being able to overcome them by the grace of God. She says that if she had to talk about all the things in life that she has encountered, she wouldn’t know where to start. In the same breath if she were to count all the blessings God has given her, she would be counting forever.

I didn’t know I would come to a point where a song would embody my feelings so accurately. Not only the stage I was in but I genuinely felt or feel like my whole life is a testimony. From something as simple as waking up in the morning, to having a roof over my head every night. These are some of the countless blessings God gives us. Not to mention other things I’ve been through. All the challenges we face are character building, but that’s life. When we work hard and reap the fruits, its rewarding; when God blesses us we feel undeserving.

Now, I first started using the term with a friend of mine when we would have conversations about that certain situation and I would respond with ‘hmm my sister IF I START TO TALK….’ and it just stuck. It would make me laugh because we both understood it in our own unique way. It was almost a funny way of saying ‘gurllllll….dont get me started today’. However where I am now, the phrase has more than one meaning and I use it in many different instances.

This blog’s aim isn’t to focus solely on negative experiences that I may have faced but instead to talk about everything and anything. The song, and how I’ve used the term is a perfect representation of me. It represents my ups, downs, thoughts, opinions and my many untold stories. I hope to discuss a range of topics, from girly stuff, culture to relationships, stereotypes, misconceptions and religion/spirituality. There really won’t be a structure on here, and it will be whatever inspires me enough to write.

As a journalism student, a blog has been long overdue. A few people who follow me on my twitter page have encouraged me to start a blog however this isn’t going to be a Linda Ikeji type of blog. I’m very opinionated and passionate about a lot of the things I discuss and this will be a perfect platform to interact and bring you in on my thoughts and journey whilst you join in on the discussion. More importantly I hope this is a thought provoking experience that keeps you interested.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and make sure you stay tuned. I will try to be as consistent as possible. I’m in final year so you all will have to bear with me!