Why are you so hard on yourself?


I hope everyone has had a fabulous festive period. Hope you got to spend it with your loved ones and got to chop well well. Now that we have entered the new year many of us may or may not come with cliche statements such as new year new me. I think it’s great that we have new year. A time we can motivate ourselves to do better, achieve more and have a clean slate. As much as we should not dwell in the past it’s important we remember each negative and positive experience is or shall I say, should, be a stepping stone for the future.

I started this blog because of previous experiences which thrusted me into taking action on something I had been procrastinating over for years. Sometimes the very things we try to brush under the carpet or disassociate ourselves from are the things that can motivate us to want to change or do better. If you didn’t go through what you went through, maybe you wouldn’t be this driven, this motivated, this optimistic?!

Why are you so hard on yourself? Look at all you have achieved. 2016 shook you but here you are still standing. We all should give ourselves more credit. This is a message to myself also. It takes maturity and accountability to acknowledge where we may have failed in certain aspects of our life. Be that relationships, academically, financially, even in our walk with God. Understand that stage shaped you and moulded you into this person that is currently striving for a better year and future. Have you ever wondered why God allows certain things to happen us. We have the choice to allow these things make or break us.

Whilst 2017 may indeed be a new you, I prefer to see it as an improved version of yourself. Please do not underestimate the beauty of your struggle or a difficult situation. God is moulding your testimony and I believe it will all make sense in the end.

I genuinely believe 2017 will be a fruitful and blessed year for us all!